What to find here
  1. Install ... bash: A shell script to install Flux on a Linux system, by Eric Bosne
  2. Sprite ... pdf: Two presentations by Katharina Lorenz on channeling in general and Flux in particular.
  3. dedx_valence.docx: explains how to calculate values to be used for keywords DEDX VALENCE and ELCORE, by Andrea Mazzolari
  4. Trajectories.docx : How to plot trajectories using FLUX, by Andrea Mazzolari
  5. worm.c, worm.docx : study beam deflection occuring as result of interaction with a bent or unbent crystal, by Andrea Mazzolari
  6. MOVIES.zip : Animation of channeling phenomena, by Mark Breese and M.A. Rana

Content of this directory

  1. ..
  2. Install_FLUX_2_Ubuntu.bash
  3. MOVIES.zip
  4. Sprite_WS_Lorenz_12.pdf
  5. Sprite_WS_Lorenz_22.pdf
  6. dedx_valence.docx
  7. trajectories-1.docx
  8. worm.c
  9. worm.docx