In this directory

  1. flux7.9.6.tar.bz2, the latest version of Flux which
    1. uses parallel processing on multiple-CPU systems
    2. is compatible with the gfortran compiler (but also with g77)
  2. flux7.9.install.html, a step by step instruction for installing flux on a dual boot Windows/Linux system
  3. flux_w10.html, problems with windows10, and notes about Flux under windows/MingW
  4. testall.log, output from the test sequence "testall"

In directory contrib you may find some guides and utilities by Andrea Mazzaroli, a shell script to facilitate the installation of Flux by Eric David Bosne, two presentations related to Flux by Katharina Lorenz, and more.

Content of this directory

  1. ..
  2. contrib
  3. flux7.9.6.tar.bz2
  4. flux7.9.install.html
  5. flux_w10.html
  6. testall.log