Installing rbsim

Check if the pathnames to the files

is properly specified in $FLUX/FLUXLIB/FILE.LOC

to make the executable:

  (or just compile and link all .f files)

to test

  random spectrum Si(alpha, alpha)
  uses file o18palfa.asc as auxiliary input file
  (example of use for non-channeling case)
  uses file test2.flx as auxiliary input file
  (example of use with output of flux3)
  A graphical presentation of some results is
  also included, file

Further instructions for use See rbsim in the rbsim page (and compare with the input file *.pro). Also it is important to generate output when running flux7, with option DEDX WEIGHTED. The input to flux7, used to generate the example above, is included (test2.inp)

In order to put this program into 'production' you may probably want to customize it. Most input / output routines and other installation dependent features are collected in file fspsim.f. Read the comments (and the code!) in this file. The program RBSIM is envisaged as part of a general program for inspecting, analysing an processing spectra, and the input/output routines, as well as a rather skimpy main program, are grouped together in fspsim.f to make the interface with such a general program easier. Feel free to replace the routines in there by something better. We do at this place too!!