modules in C-language

Most of the programs in this distribution are written in Fortran77. A few modules are written in C however. These are:

The interactive input / output package cio.


Most Fortran compilers have some way to link with C-language modules. The way this interface is organized is not defined in the Fortran standard however, and may differ for different compilers.

The C binding of the present distribution works ``as is'' for g77/gcc, HPUX, Sun, SGI, and maybe also for other blends of Fortran and C implementations.

But, maybe also not. The DEC Alpha is an exception, I believe. If you have one of those, either use the g77 and gcc compilers, or, make the necessary adaptations.


This is a simple interface between a Fortran 'call fsleep(nseconds)' and a C 'sleep((unsigned int) *nseconds);' Not relevant if you use Windows + MinGW. See New in version flux7.8.7 in the news page


Writes the local date and time to CHARACTER*20 datestring. Only used if specified in the 'makedefs' file. See file ./FLUXLIB/systim.f for possible alternatives.


This is a subset of the 'cio' package, in use at Groningen for interactive input/output, written in the language C. It enables things like 'type ahead', and numeric input like 'sqrt(2)'. For details about the CIO command language, see:

If you have a blend of Fortran that does not mix with C, you may use f77bind.f, instead of ciobind.f and the C language procedures in the directory ./cio.

This will enable the use of some, but not all, programs in the distribution.